Handling Price Objections Online: Good Copy can Move the Goal Posts

When a customer is objecting to price, don’t accept the premise. You need to switch their focus from the cost of your product to the cost of not having your product. You can help them “see” the value by asking questions and stirring up emotions about their problem. Good website copy can reposition your brand to be the hero that solves their problem.

When you are writing website copy how do you handle the inherent price objection of the reader?

Answer: Move the Goal Post. Don’t make it about price, make it about the cost of living without your product.

The Concern over Price doesn’t go away Online

A website visitor is likely to land on your page already skeptical of your product or service. Price is often a leading concern for customers. Unlike, in-person sales where you can win a customer over by getting to know them and letting them get to know you. On a website, your copy has to do the job. Just because you are online doesn’t mean you don’t address the issue of price. Ignoring price doesn’t make the concern go away. Your copy has to help the customer past this hurdle.

Good Website Copy can overcome Price Concerns

Good website copy will move the goal post. The copy has to help the reader see that the villain is not the cost of your product. The villain is the pain or need that has them searching for solutions online. Or in other words, you have to move the goal post. Don’t accept the premise that your product cost too much. Explain to the reader that the real cost is living without your product.

So how do you change their focus? Ask questions. The reader has landed on your site because they are looking for something. They have a problem and they are trying to solve it. Ask questions that show what their problem is actually costing them. You want to “stoke” their concerns a little. Ask them, is not solving the problem costing them money? Creating frustration? Have them missing opportunities? Make them see what they are missing out on if they don’t buy your product.

Reposition your Brand to be Worth it

Handling the price objection gives you a chance to help customers see what your product is worth. Recently, I was writing copy for a Chiropractors website. The business owner shared with me that price is a concern every new patient expresses. When the patient calls the office, you can address the issue over the phone. Online you can’t sweep this concern under the rug. The copy has to reposition your brand to be the hero that solves their problem. The villain is what the problem is costing them. The new villain has to be what the customer will suffer (or miss out on) if they don’t buy your product. For the Chiropractors patient, the real villain is the pain they are suffering. The pain they are suffering could mean loss of work, missing out on activities, and possibly damaging relationships. These costs are heavy indeed. If you can solve this problem and reduce this pain, then the price of your service will no longer be the issue.

If your website is not addressing the price objection, you could be losing potential customers. Call today for a free 15-minute website review. Let’s see if we can fix this issue.

Susan Wilcox

Susan Wilcox, President , eDynamic Marketing, LLC

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