Business Made Simple (BMSU) is everything you need to know to run a business. Developed by Donald Miller, best-selling author of Business Made Simple, Marketing Made Simple, and Building a Brand Story. BMSU gives subscribers unlimited access to on-demand videos that help you run your business more efficiently.

Most business owners start their business because they love what they do. Many have no formal business education. As true entrepreneurs, they dive in and work by the seat of their pants. Generally speaking, they get pretty far with what they know.

As the business grows, its business demands more: more time, more organization, more management. The skills that got them this far need to be stepped up. Business Made Simple University (BMSU) is a comprehensive program designed to give you the business acumen you need, without investing thousands and thousands of dollars. BMSU is everything you need to grow your business. There are currently 9 video courses available for on-demand learning and more courses are being added.

Business Made Simple University was created by Donald Miller the best-selling author of Building a Brand Story, Marketing Made Simple, and Business Made Simple. Miller has developed proven frameworks that help you manage your business. Access to Business Made Simple University is only $275 a year and allows you unlimited access to all the courses. You can go through the courses on your own. Or can hire a coach who will team up with you to help you work through the courses and take your business to the next level.

The following courses are currently online:

Business Made Simple

It’s hard to be successful without a clear understanding of how business works.

Business Made Simple is a 60-day guide that will help you master the 10-essential skills you need to excel in business:

  • Character
  • Leadership
  • Personal Productivity
  • Business Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Negotiation
  • Management
  • Execution

Marketing Made Simple

Marketing made simple is a playbook on how to build a successful sales funnel for your business. No matter the size of your business creating a sales funnel is the easiest way to grow. It’s the marketing playbook you’ve been looking for. It will work for your business regardless of what you sell and who you sell to. Sales funnels have many benefits they are inexpensive, you can create them on your own, and you get an enormous return on the work. You do it’s a clever way to win over clients without being pushy. during the course you will learn the following things:

  • How a sales funnel builds relationships with your customers
  • What are the critical elements of a sales funnel
  • How to write a one-liner
  • How to wireframe a website
  • How to create a lead generator
  • How to develop nurturing emails

Proposals Made Simple

The Proposals Made Simple course will help you write proposals that will win you more deals. Sadly, some people don’t write proposals very well and it’s costing them money. Think about how much revenue you’ve left on the table by not sending out a solid proposal. It’s a terrible reason to lose business. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Clearly communicate the value you offer persist
  • Position yourself as a person who can help
  • Drive your customers to take action and
  • Stand out from the competition

Negotiations Made Simple

You are negotiating all the time without even knowing it. Business professionals spend over 50% of their time negotiating. But less than 10% of professionals have ever received formal negotiation training. This means too many of us are winging it when it comes to solving problems or getting deals done. Anytime you are forced to make a decision upon which your personal success hinges you are negotiating. Your success in business and in life depends on your ability to strategically negotiate. In this course, you’ll learn to manage any negotiation so you produce more win-win outcomes in work and in life. In this course, you’ll learn the critical parts of the negotiation process including:

  • The two main tape types of negotiation
  • How to pivot from one type of negotiation to another
  • Why and how you should always make the first move
  • How to manage and employ negotiating tactics
  • When to go below the line
  • How to deliver satisfaction to create more win-win opportunities

Hero on a Mission

Too many people get to the end of their lives in regret. They leave their lives up to fate and wonder why, at the end of their life, they feel it was meaningless.

The truth is this: fate is a terrible writer. It’s time to take back control of our lives and our time and create a life full of direction and meaning.

Hero on a Mission will teach you to create a life plan that will give you a deep sense of meaning. This course will guide you through goal-setting exercises designed to help you achieve the most important goals in your life. Included is a daily planner that you’ll use to create a morning ritual that will keep your life focused on track.

When you work through Hero-on-a-Mission:

  • You will know what to focus on
  • You will know what to do, despite how you feel
  • You will make progress every day on your life goals
  • You will get enough done every day that you don’t feel like you are wasting your life
  • Your life will make sense to yourself and others
  • You will experience a deep sense of meaning

Mission Statements Made Simple

When you start with a good mission statement you can conquer the world. But, there’s a problem most businesses don’t have a mission statement that is working. Mission statements tend to be too long confusing and not memorable. Instead of moving people forward, it is making them bored. In this course, you will learn to replace your mission statement with a set of guiding principles. Your guiding principles consist of five statements that give you focus and direction in your life and in your work. You can create this set of guiding principles for your own life, for your team, and for your organization. At the end of this course, your set of guiding principles will:

  • Create alignment and unity within your team
  • Increase engagement
  • Help you recruit better talent
  • Increase productivity

Communication Made Simple

In today’s competitive environment, if you can communicate well, you are unstoppable. Too many business leaders fail to understand that communication must be planned. As a result, their message is confusing and ineffective.

This course will teach you the step-by-step plan you need to communicate effectively. When you can communicate well,

  • You are understood
  • You are interesting
  • You inspire change

This course will teach you a framework that helps you plan and clarify your communication. It will teach you a playbook so you can execute those words into an effective communication campaign. You’ll be prepared to give speeches, create video scripts, write emails, and create social media posts.

StoryBrand Messaging Framework

The StoryBrand 7-Part Framework uses storytelling principles to help you clarify your message. The program is designed for marketers, sales professionals, managers, recruiters, and organization leaders responsible for strategy as well as any professionals who use words to accomplish their goals.

StoryBrand will help you communicate clearly because we believe communicating clearing gives you a competitive advantage. This is true for both individuals and organizations. If you become the most simple, clear communicator, you will win.

The StoryBrand program helps you further your career and grow your business.

You will learn to:

  • Create effective marketing material
  • Connect with customers
  • Create sales scripts that work
  • Lead teams effectively
  • Increase revenue

Enneagram Made Simple

If you’re self-aware you know your strengths and weaknesses, what your triggers are, and how you make decisions. You can regulate your thoughts feelings and actions. You understand the effect they have on others

Self-awareness is key to understanding how the people around you are wired and what they want out of their job and their life. It’s especially helpful in relationships with friends, family members, and coworkers. When leaders know the inner workings of their personality type and those of the people they lead, they can take their organization to the next level

The Enneagram is a tool for cultivating self-awareness and understanding the different ways people perceive the world. This personality typing system teaches the nine basic personality types. When you understand each type and how that type interacts with others, you’ll learn:

  • Why people react to situations the way they do
  • the communication style you should use with each member of your team or group
  • How to encourage every member of your team in a way that truly matters
  • The role that each team member will thrive in
  • How to create common ground among coworkers
  • How you can reduce conflict

Business Made Simple University helps you master the skills you need to run your business and get to the next level. You can access the courses here, for only $275 per year. If you feel that it would be helpful to have a coaching partner to go through the course with you and make sure you execute the plan properly, you can hire Susan, A Business Made Simple Certified Coach, to work with you.

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Susan Wilcox has over 30 years of experience helping to grow brands and build businesses. Susan combines her strong corporate experience from Proctor & Gamble, Arm & Hammer, and Johnson & Johnson with her entrepreneurial spirit to help independent business owners create the businesses they want. Read more

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