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Benefits Of Niche Marketing

Staying competitive is important to business owners. Identifying a market niche has many competitive benefits that give you a unique advantage over your competition including increasing customer loyalty, reducing competition, increasing marketing effectiveness, and improving profitability. This article identifies how niche marketing can make you more competitive.   Niche Marketing Business owners [...]

How to Identify Your Market Niche

Business owners struggle to find a way to make their products “stand out” in an overcrowded marketplace. Identifying a market niche can increase customer loyalty, reduce competition, and give you a unique advantage to grow your business. This article identifies the steps in finding a niche that aligns with their strengths and has the potential [...]

Handling Price Objections Online

When a customer is objecting to price, don't accept the premise. You need to switch their focus from the cost of your product to the cost of not having your product. You can help them “see” the value by asking questions and stirring up emotions about their problem. Good website copy can reposition your [...]

Color Increases Brand Recognition by 80%

Using color strategically can increase your brand recognition by 80%. Here are 16 ways you can use color to support your brand. Color is a valuable asset for your brand. It can build awareness for the brand, increase brand recall and create impact. Why is color important? The human brain [...]

Common Mistakes Most Websites Make

If your website isn't bringing in business for you, you are doing something wrong.  Your website needs to clearly tell customers who you are, what you do (you would be surprised how many websites are not clear), and how the customer can take the next step. The good news is this can be accomplished [...]

Susan Wilcox

Susan Wilcox, President , eDynamic Marketing, LLC

Strong brands don’t just happen, they are built. Every day, brands lose money simply because they don’t have a clear strategy and effective marketing to help them grow.

Susan Wilcox has over 30 years of experience helping to grow brands and build businesses. Susan combines her strong corporate experience from Proctor & Gamble, Arm & Hammer, and Johnson & Johnson with her entrepreneurial spirit to help independent business owners create the businesses they want. Read more

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